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Off to Canada!


Today I'm off to Canada, and all of my old nervous feelings that I'd forgotten about are coming back. This will be one of my most important competitions for this year, as I have dedicated most of my time to promotional work, and freeriding for my sponsors.


After researching the spot, and getting the local insider scoop, I can say for sure that I am going to be out of my element in the cold, flat, and really windy spot where the competition will be held. So this trip, and competition will be a test of my adaptability. Pushing myself in tough conditions, and in a place I'm not used to is going to be an interesting challenge. My response to this challenge will be directly reflected on to how I place on the podium.


The spot where the Kite Clash is held is called Squamish, a tightly crowded opening in the river , just west of Whistler. The cliff walls surrounding the river make a "venturi" effect for the riders of Squamish to boost big off of. In other words; a lot of wind is pushed into a small natural tunnel between cliffs and the water; to any kiter this means little kites, and lots of wind. I am fully stocked with Bandit 7's in all the smallest kites I could ever need, the rest is up to me, and how I perform. With the pressure of representing my country on my shoulders I'm starting to wonder how this is all going to go, I have learned to perform under pressure over the years, but my question is will it be enough to take home the gold.


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